Annual Inspections

Like many services, there are all varieties and standards left up to the individuals performing the various tasks.


This is one of the main reasons we only specialize in Cessna Aircraft -- to assure a highly skilled working knowledge focused on one manufacturer's product line.


Over the years a familiarization specific with type is developed that helps to isolate problems, reduce troubleshooting, and creates awareness of special attention needs for each type. 


In the end, this reduces overall maintenance costs by identifying a problem before it manifests itself, resulting in less downtime and repair costs.


Cessna Rigging's  John Efinger (A&P/IA) is an expert in correcting wayward Cessna's, especially when it comes to flight control rigging problems.


People fly to his shop in Fort Worth, TX from within & outside the United States. Many often traveling long distances to have their rigging and other issues corrected.


Let him help you fly true, too!

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dba Efinger Aviation & Maintenance


Mailing Address:

Efinger Aviation & Maintenance
17917 S US HWY 377

Cresson, TX 76035



Fly into 50F (map)


Shop phone: (817) Temp out

Cell Phone: 817-992-0753



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