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Flight Control Rigging

Flight Control Rigging can be accomplished specific to your particular Airframe be it Modified or Standard Configuration.


Initially, all Control Cable Tension and Travels are set to OEM Manufacturers Specification in compliance with the TCDS. Tolerances are initially established using a minimal tolerance variation level as practical in order to maximize adjustments are retained for an extended time period afterward. The manufacturer’s tolerance levels, in general, are rather "generous" so reducing these levels for a more accurate initial setting is key when making these adjustments. Post maintenance Flight(s) to assure the Aircraft performs as expected and meets the Aircraft Performance Chart Specifications is standard. There are no adjustments made to correct for irregularities until a "Neutral" starting point has been established and verified through a thorough Flight Test.


Over the years I have found that "Field Corrections" after initial production Flight Control Adjustments have a tendency to reduce the Aircraft Performance. Over time, and quite often these alterations stack up to the point that your Aircraft will fly in a "perpetual slip condition". This not only provides a very unstable platform during unusual maneuvers such as Stalls but a loss in Speed during normal cruise configuration. If your Aircraft has never been modified due to maintenance history there is still a loss of Cable Tension. Aircraft age over the years without any tension adjustment makes for very "sloppy" Control response. It is not at all uncommon to find Cable tensions 75% lower than upper tension limits found in the Service manual after 30-50 years in Service.


The end result after many years of incorrect Airframe adjustments and lack of maintenance is "Sloppy Control" feel, reduced performance when compared to "Book Performance Charts, Poor Fuel economy, and just an overall difficult Aircraft to operate.


Generally, these Aircraft are impossible to hand fly without excessive Pilot fatigue.


Read more details about Flight Checks you can perform on your Aircraft to determine if this specialized service will benefit your Aircraft.

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