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Annual Inspections: “Aren’t They All the Same?" Just like my previous blog on Pre-Purchase Inspections the term “Annual Inspection” can be vastly underrated. With an Annual Inspection, there are basic guidelines that one needs to adhere to and at minimum a “check-list“ with mandated inspection points is required or needs to be followed. This check-list is still no guarantee that the aircraft hasn’t had any hidden damage or internal failing components. Essentially, even an Annual Inspection may not reveal all of the problems an aircraft may have and it can still be considered "Airworthy" in the eyes of the FAA. I’ve already covered several of these points in the “Pre-Purchase” blog, however,

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Cessna Rigging's  John Efinger (A&P/IA) is an expert in correcting wayward Cessna's, especially when it comes to flight control rigging problems.


People fly to his shop in Fort Worth, TX from within & outside the United States. Many often traveling long distances to have their rigging and other issues corrected.


Let him help you fly true, too!

Click here to learn more about John


dba Efinger Aviation & Maintenance


Mailing Address:

Efinger Aviation & Maintenance
17917 S US HWY 377

Cresson, TX 76035



Fly into 50F (map)


Shop phone: (817) Temp out

Cell Phone: 817-992-0753



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