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New facility coming along at Bourland Field

As some of you might know I purchased a new hangar and shop facility in Dec 2016.

The move, however, was postponed awaiting renovation and an additional shop expansion.

The concrete was poured 7-July-2017 and we awaited steel to arrive on 28-Aug-2017. Who would have expected so many rain delays for dirt work, septic & erection during the July & August time-frame in Central/North Texas. We always need rain this time of year around here however this set and has broken all records for rainfall over the past 30 years I have lived here.

The addition was finally completed, and we are pleased to announce we should be relocating"shortly" to our new facility. You are welcome to visit us.

The airport is the Bourland Airfield located in Cresson, TX (50F) "Five-Zero-Foxtrot" and is just about as far south of Ft. Worth as the old facility at T67 Hicks was north of Ft. Worth.

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